Saturday, 23 April 2011

My Views On Cataclysm

I was more hardcore back pre-bc, so I don't really mind the Cataclysm changes now that I'm more casual. Overall, I don't find the health difference to be that big of a deal. As long as it scales with the content, it doesn't really matter. The only thing it could affect is a lvl 85 fighting against a 70 in world pvp, which I could care less about since world pvp died years ago.I love the idea of goblins, the worgen dont make any sense to me. im still leaning back and forth about whether to return for cataclysm. not getting into the beta after 4 years of WoW loyalty kind of did it for me. I've never been a hardcore raider. I've downed Lich King, but a lot of people have these days. In BC, I only got up to Hyjal, and I never had the opportunity to run raids in original very often, so I didn't get far at all.

I'm a PvPer however, and so far I've loved everything despite the bugs. I love Tol barad, the faster Queuing system, and the new design of players overall. To sum it up, Cataclysm is a whole buncha fun.


  1. Hmm, i miss vanilla wow...

  2. bananas you say?

    I actually like new WoW compared to old WoW. That's just my two cents though :)

    Word verification in comments is annoying, you should disable that <3

  3. Vanilla WoW was much more fun than today's WoW.

    I still miss the more basic MC and BWL days.

    I remember when people with 2-3 pieces of tier 2 were considered god-like.